Salt & Lime Cabo Grill

Writing this review brings me so much joy because I have loved this restaurant with a hot intensity since they opened just over two years ago. I have celebrated friends’ birthdays and Mother’s Day and ACC tournament games and even business lunches while admittedly rarely ordering anything except “my usual.” I always go in with the best intentions of ordering something different and somehow the words just won’t come out differently!

IF IT AIN’T BROKE… and let me tell you, it most definitely ain’t broke! The chips and salsa start off your meal with a spicy kick. I am a salsa snob and I think they have one of the best salsas around. Very fresh! The Cabo Rolls with spicy ranch and the Braised Short Rib Tacos always end up being in my belly when I leave. They are both to die for and I would be a horrible friend if I didn’t tell you that you must try them both. IMMEDIATELY.

Check out the menu here!

While the restaurant is located at the end of North Ridge Shopping Center (Cafe Tiramisu and North Ridge Pub have just conveniently moved in next door), you don’t feel like you are in a “strip mall” when you enter the restaurant. It’s beautifully decorated to give you the California Baja feel with vibrant colors and fun wall art. There’s a small patio that is also fun (I could say that I have spent more than a couple of nights out there with a few friends trying every margarita on the menu, but I wouldn’t want to incriminate myself).

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 6.46.08 PM

I have been a big supporter of Salt & Lime Cabo Grill ever since I heard that a husband and wife who had worked in the food service industry for many years had decided to go after their dream of opening their own restaurant. I love a Cinderella story… It’s tough in Raleigh with the amazing food scene we have, but after two years they are still making it work! I was just there for lunch last week with a business partner and I was so happy to see that so many other people believe this to be one of North Raleigh’s best treasures too!

Ken & Katie Smith are the owners of Salt & Lime and are proud supporters of local farmers. They do such a great job of mixing old Mexico with new, modern and fresh flavors. And how can you not support a couple who wrote on their website, “We are passionate about our food, our margaritas and creating smiles with our friends.” Seriously? I think they should be my best friends… Plus they created the Pineapple Stinger margarita (and were kind enough to put it on the menu since it was just a special in the early days)! How can you not love these people?

Pineapple Stinger Margarita

I think it’s obvious that I can tell you, unequivocally, that this restaurant is worth trying. And don’t blame me when you fall in love… Because you will.

If you need a specific reason, then just think Margarita Monday, Taco Tuesday, Wine Wednesday… you get the picture. They also have live music which really livens up the atmosphere. Not to mention how just darn NICE everyone working there is! I hope you will try it out and then let us know what you think!!!!

Do you see the love in my eyes

 Salt & Lime Cabo Grill
6006 Falls of Neuse Road, Raleigh NC 27609


This review was written by Valerie DeLoach of the Joe Ward team. Go like her page on Facebook to get her newest blogs. She was not paid or given anything in return for this endorsement… she just genuinely loves this North Raleigh HOT SPOT!!!!!!!

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