Divorce in Raleigh, NC Real Estate Market


70% of divorces involve real estate.

As a Certified Divorce Real Estate Professional, I am here to help both parties involved through a smooth yet emotionally difficult process when they need to sell the marital home and purchase new homes moving forward.

As a member of your professional divorce team, my goal is to:

  1. Help clients understand the legal and tax aspects of divorce in regards to the sale of the marital home and other real estate.

  2. Offer alternatives to the usual mistrust and the emotional responses as a result of dividing real estate assets.

  3. Work with both parties together to help them save and make money now and down the road with regards to real estate.

  4. Work with both parties, not just one, in selling the marital home for the best price.

The sale of the marital home is not an isolated decision. There are short and long term financial, emotional and tax consequences. As a Certified Divorce Real Estate Professional, I can offer my clients the best guidance regarding the opportunities of selling the marital home. The goal should be a client that has their individual needs met and is making informed decisions from a knowledgeable professional.

Contact me today to discuss your options. It’s best to discuss BEFORE you make decisions.


the Joe Ward team
Cell: 252-916-5048

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