Gearing Up For Guests For The Holidays

Having a house full of family is one of the things that just makes the holidays complete. It’s not always easy to open your home to a bunch of people during an already chaotic time of year, but here are some simple ideas from Valerie DeLoach from the Joe Ward Team on how to make the visit enjoyable for everyone!

  1. SNACKS & GOODIES – We may not keep junk food in our house on a normal week, but if we have guests coming then we head to the grocery store to stock up on all kinds of treats and goodies. My husband loves to cook extravagant breakfasts for guests, so we always have enough breakfast food to feed an army. Plus it’s especially nice to be able to offer snacks, whether it be cheese and crackers or pretzels or cheese straws, when you serve afternoon cocktails! One time I did a Bloody Mary bar for football fun! 10897075_10153305593444879_940802070774104946_n
  2. STOCK THE BATHROOM – I don’t just mean with toilet paper! Make sure the guest shower has everything a guest may need – shampoo, conditioner, soap, extra razors, etc. Also, there needs to be plenty of fresh towels and wash cloths ready and reachable.
  3. COFFEE – Your guests may not be coffee drinkers, but if they ARE coffee drinkers and you don’t have any…. it could be a hosting disaster! Make sure you also have everything they may need for their coffee, whether it be sugar, creamer, skim milk, artificial sweetener. There’s nothing worse than a coffee lover starting the day without coffee!!
  4. FLOWERS – Flowers are the absolutely best finishing touch when having guests for the holidays. Your guests will expect you to vacuum the guest room and clean the toilets, but it’s the extra little things that really make them feel welcome. Below are some of my personal favorites from my own collection when having guests coming to visit:
  5. CHRISTMAS MEMORIES – This is my very favorite!!! I love to display Christmas cards from many years past and I display the current year in my kitchen where I can enjoy them every day. This has always been a favorite of my guests!

Enjoy the holidays with your family and please contact the Joe Ward team to discuss your real estate needs going into 2016. We would love to meet you for coffee to discuss your goals and plans!


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