Thanksgiving With Trader Joe’s

If you have not been to a Trader Joe’s then you have not truly lived… It’s like some of the other well known chains that sell tons of organic and gluten-free products, but it’s only a fraction of the cost!! Not to mention that there are some amazing things to choose from.

The time is right to head over to your local Trader Joe’s because they have everything you need to have a perfect Thanksgiving meal whether you are flying solo or eating with family or friends.

Below are a few favorites to try:


PECAN PIE IN A JAR – I mean, WHY NOT? That’s really all I can say… It’s perfect to make a pie or to use as a creative addition to your ice cream!


TURKEY & STUFFING SEASONED KETTLE CHIPS – Ok, I’ll admit that I haven’t actually TRIED these, but I can’t wait to get my hands on them. Trader Joe’s have great 100% American-grown potatoes that are kettle cooked to perfection. These chips supposedly taste like Thanksgiving dinner – in a chip! They are kosher, naturally gluten free, and most importantly, $1.99 for a 7oz bag.


PUMPKIN PIE – Thaw and serve!!! It’s very tasty and it’s only $4.99. Cheaper (and MUCH easier) than buying the ingredients to make your own!

There is too much at Trader Joe’s to share in one short blog. Just trust me and GO! One of my friends who has been breaking her wallet by shopping for grass fed beef and gluten free items at another local store HUGGED ME after she realized how much she can buy at Trader Joe’s compared to what she was spending. WORTH THE TRIP.

Locations in RDU:

  • 3000 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh
  • 1393 Kildaire Farm Road, Cary
  • 1800 E. Franklin Street, Chapel Hill

Please Note — Sometimes high demand items are gone fast, so go early. Turkeys are there now! Trader Joe’s stores will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.

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